Greenacres, as the name suggests, is a peaceful land with sprawling lush green environs. Lawrence Carter Swain founded this place as a ‘Good Place to Live’ and envisioned a quiet and peaceful neighborhood for its inhabitants. In his bid to create secure homes in this high-end coastal resort town, Swain started assembling the land together. Today his dream has become a thriving reality and Greenacres became the place that has a rich and prosperous community.

Not all is green at Greenacres:

However, just when the land boom was at its highest, Greenacres was faced with a monumental disaster in 1926. A hurricane came sweeping into the city and tore it apart. Just when residents picked up torn pieces of their lives and rebuilt it from the scratch, another similar disaster struck in 1928. That happened decades ago and since then, the city has learnt to live with its vulnerability. In response to its weak position, Greenacres fortified its defense against nature, armed itself with disaster management techniques, pre-planned its neighborhoods and drainage systems and continued to evolve with every such event to better deal with it the next time.

However, amid all this preparation, one cannot overlook the contribution of Greenacres Restoration Expert, a leading damage restoration company, that helped restore balance and minimize the losses to a great extent.

Measures you need to take:

It is impossible to predict how the next hurricane or storm will affect Greenacres. This is why one needs to take the following precautions to stay ahead of the disaster and minimize its impact.

  • Greenacres Restoration Expert Greenacres, FL 561-336-5819Stock up emergency supplies 2-weeks ahead of the disaster
  • Do not keep your expensive possessions in the lower floors. Move them to upper floors or elevate them to prevent flooding damage
  • If possible, consider elevating your buildings and use lower ground floor as a parking area
  • Keep a battery powered radio handy to stay up-to-speed about the events and updates
  • Stay away from flooded areas. There is a chance of electrification or water contamination
  • Call your insurance company and inform them of the damage
  • Report the damage to Greenacres Restoration Expert within 72-hours.

How do we help you?

We have seen enough natural disasters in Greenacres in the last 20+ years to know exactly how to handle the issue. We have mobile units that are fitted with necessary equipment to provide onsite damage remediation and restoration help. We also have a team of experienced professionals that work 24/7 in your city. When you call us on 561-336-5819, we dispatch a team of experts to your doorstep within 30-minutes. Our quick response time has always helped clients to prevent huge losses.

We serve the following zip codes:

33413, 33415, 33454, 33463, 33467

Our prominent services include:

  • Reconstruction and/or remodeling service
  • Hidden leak detection
  • Flood and/or fire damage restoration
  • Disaster clean up
  • Mold remediation and removal
  • Decontamination

Need damage restoration services in the city of Greenacres? Call us on 561-336-5819